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Hile algýlandý modül [35,1] Problem solving WIN 10

One of the services or programs in your background is being detected as suspicious, which results in client closure. To find out which module is closing your client, navigate to fileslog.txt in your Client folder and scroll to the bottom of the .txt document.

Hile algýlandý modül [35,1]

This error indicates that one of the programs you are running is being detected as a cheat module. To find out which program it is, navigate to Task Manager-Details and start ending tasks of the running programs. Kill the tasks untill you find out which one is causing you this conflict.

Suggestion: This issue can be caused by Xbox Game Bar service (GameBarFTServer.exe). To resolve this issue, remove the Xbox Game Bar service.
1.Right-click the Start button.
2.Click Windows PowerShell (Admin).
3.Type Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay | Remove-AppxPackage and hit Enter on your keyboard.
PowerShell will remove this service, reboot your computer afterwards.

Hile algýlandý modül [87756]

This error indicates that there is an issue in your current Windows OS version build.
Solution 1: Upgrade your PC to latest Windows OS Build with Windows Upgrade Tool. Click here to download the tool.

Select "Upgrade this PC now". All of your data & applications will not be affected by this process.
Solution 2: If you are still facing this error after OS update, contact Game Master to receive custom fix.

Hile algýlandý modül [212,1]

This error indicates that the client is detecting memory modification attempt.
This is most commonly caused by an Antivirus program, usually by Avast antivirus and sometimes by Windows Defender as well.

Solution 1: Remove Avast antivirus and install ESET NOD32. If you are using Windows Defender, install Eset NOD32 to disable Windows Defender. You will receive 1 month of NOD32 trial automatically after installation. Click here to download NOD32 Antivirus
Solution 2: If you are still facing this issue after Avast/Windows Defender removal, contact Game Master to check via TeamViewer.

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