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Chaos Match

Guide write by MostWantedKO

You can join to the event via moradon gates or by typing in the chat "register"

If you want exit the event, you can use Exit NPC or by typing in the chat "exit"

Skills - you can find all of these Skills in "Basic Skill"

Skill Name Skill Information Damage
Sprint Use it once and you now have swift.
Light Speed Boosts running speed by 200% for a short period of time.
Killing Blade Kills the enemy in a single blow by striking a vital point. 10000
Spirit Sword Spammable warrior attack. -1000
Ice Sword Ranged attack + extra damage(over some seconds). -2000
Fire Sword Ranged attack + extra damage(over some seconds). -3000
Ice Couner Inflicts heavy damage on the enemy. -1000/1500
Poison Knife This bad boy does damge 20% of the player HP. -20%
Stun Lightning Nova (AOE) attack and it is good for KS. -2000
Stealth Sustains invisibility for 30 seconds if no attacks are initiated.
Tears of Angels Recovers 1k HP (Basically HP Pots). +1000
Drain Restore Restores 1000 health over 20 seconds. +1000

The duration of the event

Minium 15 minutes, maximum 40 minutes

Awards for winners

Coming soon


Skill info Skill info map map
Server Details
Users Online: 0
El Morad: 0
Karus: 0
Players in CZ: 0
Humans: 0
Orcs: 0
King List
Last War Hero:
N/A (offline)
CSW Holder:
GM List
GM_Janek (Offline)
GM_Kulon (Offline)
Server Statistics
Karus 51,95%
Humans 48,05%
Warrior 24,51%
Rogue 35,12%
Priest 19,76%
Magician 20,61%
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